Frequently asked Questions

Juice Cards & Charging

My Juice card isn't working

If your card isn't working it's most likely an issue with the charger itself, or a temporary drop in the charger's network connectivity. We first recommend a second attempt (you won't be charged), and then speaking to the charge point operator directly. Their details can be found on the in-app information tab for any charging point.

Although there's very little that can go wrong with your card, if the problem is recurring on different networks please do let us know at and we will investigate and replace your card if needed.

A charger I'm trying to use is broken, inaccessible, or has incorrect information

Please do let us know, either by using the in-app issue reporting or by emailing us directly at We'll alert the charging company directly and look to update our data as soon as possible.

I'd like to order another Juice card for my account

We'd be very happy to send you one - it's easy to order a new card from the 'Juice Cards' section in the Electric Juice app.

If you're having any difficulties, please email us at

My Juice card has been lost or stolen

The Electric Juice app allows you to easily deactivate & order new Juice cards.

Please do email us at if you've any charges you don't recognise, you're having difficulty cancelling your card, or you've any other worries.

Do I need my own cable to charge? (tethered vs. untethered)

As a rule of thumb, any charger that offers speeds of 50kW or above will have its own cable that you can plug in to your vehicle. Below that, you may need your own cable to use the charger.

This is sometimes referred to as tethered vs. untethered, where 'tethered' means the charger has a cable for you to plug in, and 'untethered' means you'll need to use your vehicle's own cable to plug in at both ends.

Some examples:
IONITY, 350kW - tethered with a cable you can use
Osprey, 50kW - tethered with a cable you can use
Ubitricity, 7kW - untethered and requires your own cable
PodPoint, 22kW - mostly untethered and will generally require your own cableWe always recommend that you keep a cable in your vehicle so that you can access any variety of charger. 


Do I have to be an Octopus Energy customer to use Electric Juice?

No, everyone is welcome!

We want charging to be as simple as possible for every EV driver in the UK, whether you are with Octopus Energy for your home energy supply or not.

How does Electric Juice work with my Octopus Energy account?

The short answer:

Your Octopus Energy account works with Electric Juice, meaning you can log in and pay for charging with your energy bill. Changing any personal details in one will affect the other.

The detailed answer:

All of Octopus Energy is powered by Kraken, our self-built energy platform for the future. When you sign-up to Octopus for energy or to Electric Juice for charging, we create you a Kraken account, which gives you straightforward access to everything Octopus Energy does. Think of it like a Google account, but for everything energy related.

If you're already an Octopus Energy customer, you already have a Kraken account, so you can sign-in to Electric Juice with your existing details. Any charging you do through Electric Juice will simply be added to your energy bill, since the accounts are one and the same.

And if you ever leave Octopus for your home energy, your Electric Juice account will continue to work as normal (though we'll ask you to add a payment card if you also cancel your Direct Debit with us).

If I leave Octopus Energy for my energy, can I still use Electric Juice?

Absolutely. Your account will still work with Electric Juice and you can continue to manage your personal details and payment methods through the Electric Juice app.

For more explanation on why this is the case, see the detailed answer to 'How does Electric Juice work with my Octopus Energy account?'

I think I have multiple Octopus/Electric Juice accounts - help!

Not to worry - if you send us an email to with details of the accounts and we'll do our best to sort it for you.

I'd like to deactivate my account

Please email us at We'll deactivate your Electric Juice cards and any payment methods associated with Electric Juice. If you're also an energy customer, your account and payment methods will not be affected.

It's worth noting that there are no subscription fees or recurring charges on Electric Juice - we only take payment when you charge your car. So there's also no harm in leaving your account dormant for while, in case you decide to start using your Juice card again.

Billing & Payment

How do I pay for charging using my energy bill?

Simply sign in to Electric Juice using your Octopus Energy account and any charging sessions will automatically be added to your energy bill.

What other payment methods does Electric Juice support?

Electric Juice currently supports payment either by energy account (for Octopus Energy customers) or through card payments.

The Electric Juice Network

Do you have more networks joining soon? And will they be in-app?

We're talking to most of the major networks in the UK, and the team is constantly working to make Electric Juice the best EV charging experience around. Any new networks that join will also appear in the app.

Watch this space...!

What features do you have planned next for Electric Juice?

Electric Juice is dedicated to simplfying EV charging and as such we're always working on new features: from in-app charging & detailed charging receipts to route planning & more support for fleets. If there's a particular feature you'd like to see please do email us at - we massively value your input and will prioritise development if we see any themes emerging.

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